Communication Nowadays

To get in touch with people is something wonderful. My parents and grand parents met each other in person to communicate and share experiences with each other. We’ve met, called each other and suddenly we find ourselves in what they call “digital age”. We text, catch and follow each other on Facebook and we love it!

Our lives are busier than those from previous generations. We work more, have more hobbies, travel more and have friends all over the world. New circumstances require news habits. Socializing and getting in touch with people is incredibly easy and opens up so much potential. We follow adventures and thoughts of other people. We scroll through pictures of friends and see how they live, even on other continents. We share recipes, teach each other how to knit socks and we even find a new drummer after the old one left the band because her boyfriend wanted to spend more time with her. We see each other’s music and movie recommendations. We find future husbands and sperm donors. (I’m not sure about the last one, but I guess it’s possible. If not, it’s your chance, because that’s obviously a gap in the market.)

And when we meet in person, Jesus, of course we are still able to talk and communicate. It’s even easier, because we know already about what was going on during the time we didn’t see each other, so we can easily jump into a great conversation. No matter if we know each other since years or just added each other on Facebook. There is already some kind of basis to tie with verbal communication.

And again, Jesus, we are pretty much aware that talking to each other face to face is not replaceable. We know, that this is worth more than anything else. At least I hope we do.

And honestly, I can’t stand people telling me how I have to deal with social media. I like taking advantage of new chances and new habits. I would rather appreciate the people to stop analyzing our online behavior. Or did they also analyze the social behavior of our parents and grand parents when they met back in the days? Socializing and getting in touch with friends is something human and normal. It is nothing that needs to be studied like laboratory rats. While other people sit on their couch, watch TV and eat Chips, we socialize and communicate. It’s actually that simple.


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